pyneuroml.channelml package#

ChannelML related functions

Initial implementation at

For converting Channelpedia XML files in the BlueBrain format, please refer to OpenSourceBrain/BlueBrainProjectShowcase

File: pyneuroml/channelml/

Copyright 2023 NeuroML contributors

pyneuroml.channelml.channelml2nml(channelmlfile: str, xsltfile: str = None) str | None#

Convert a ChannelML file to NeuroMLv2.

The second argument is optional, and if not set, the XSL file provided by pyNeuroML will be used. This is recommended.

  • channelmlfile (str) – ChannelML file to convert

  • xsltfile (str) – XSL file to use for conversion (default: None, to use XSLT provided in pyNeuroML)


converted string

Return type: